American Legion Membership & Post Activities Committee Chairman Randy Goodman of Georgia sat down with the Legion’s Media & Communications Division to share his best practices for membership recruitment and retention.  View Q&A


More Recruiting Tips

  • Always be ready with a 2-3 minute ‘elevator pitch’ on the importance and benefits of Legion membership.
  • Download the Legion app.  You’ll be ready to sign up members on the spot.
  • If your department has invested in door hangers, get some and modify with your post information.  You’re now ready to reach out to potential members even if you’re not face-to-face.
  • Keep a few membership applications handy.
  • Have a supply of ‘Why You Should Belong’, ‘Troop Support’ pamphlets, and ‘This Is The American Legion’ for informational/recruitment events.
  • Work your post’s Expired Members listings that can be found under the Find Members in my Area section on
  • Build and maintain a relationship with military installations.  Refer to the publication Access Granted for details on how.
  • Build and maintain a relationship with the person in charge of veteran admissions and/or veteran student organizations that may be on college campuses.
  • Network with first responders, civic and community organizations, as well as other veteran service organizations to expand your pool of potential members.
  • Ensure that your post is building its brand
    • Send a localized version of the post’s CPR to the media outlets in your area, and that this same information is published in the post’s newsletter
    • Make sure your post is actively participating in at least one program, and that it is done WELL
    • Make sure your post is an asset to the community; inform them of your post’s programs, participation in parades, service activities, etc.
    • Be seen in your Legion apparel
  • Don’t narrow your focus to veterans in only one or two war eras.  Any veteran may be eligible, but you won’t know if you don’t ask!
  • Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste - RETAIN THE MEMBERS YOU HAVE