Trafford Cannonball

Trafford Cannonball

Memorial is a 1,080 pound Civil War cannonball placed on a small stand. Decades before Trafford, Pennsylvania was founded in 1904, this part of the Turtle Creek Valley had an iron foundry that produced both cannons and cannonballs for the Union Army during the Civil War. After a cannon was cast, it was test-fired with a actual cannonball. One such cannonball was located in the early 1890s and displayed in front of a family home. It was later given to Trafford Borough for public display. The monument honors those unsung working men whose labor in factories like the foundry made victory possible in the Civil War.

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Date of Installation:

February 23, 1990

Organization Responsible for Installation:

Citizens of Trafford, Pennsylvania

Memorial War Era(s):



Trafford Westmoreland Park Intersection of Bruce Street & East Edgewood Avenue Trafford, PA 15085 40 Degrees 22’ 42” North 79 Degrees 45’ 40” West Trafford is a borough located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

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Trafford Cannonball

Trafford Cannonball

Trafford Cannonball


Published on February 23, 2020