Handymen are known for the old adage, "Be sure you use the right tool for the right job."

The Public Relations Toolkit and resource annexes are a complete kit of easy to use media products that can be tailored to promote your American Legion post, unit or squadron activities during the course of the year.

From writing a news release to planning a major community event, the Public Relations Toolkit will help you get the job done.

Annex A - Press Kit

Annex B - Releases and Advisories




Media Advisories

Post Events

Youth Programs

Annex C - Proclamations

Annex D - Message Points

Annex E - Information Campaigns

Annex F - Radio PSA Copy

Annex G - Radio Spots

Patriotic Holiday Radio

Powerful Force Radio - With Tag

Powerful Force Radio - No Tag Local

Honor Veterans Radio Spots

Annex H - Television Spots

Annex I - Videos

Honor Veterans Videos

Annex J - Training Materials

Media Training DVD

Power Points


Annex K - Posters & Billboards

Annex L - Publications/Handouts

Annex M - Legion Ad Slicks

Editable Print Ads

Cropped Editable Print Ads


Standard Print Ads


Web Ads

Annex N - USAA Media Products


Mission Your Money

Annex O - The Star Spangled Banner