Scholarships are awarded to the three finalists. First place receives $25,000, second gets $22,500 and third takes $20,000.

Each individual state winner certified into and participating in the first round of the national contest receives a $2,000 scholarship.

Each first-round winner who advances but does not qualify for the finals receives an additional $2,000 scholarship.

Oratorical scholarship recipients will be eligible to receive their scholarships immediately upon graduation from high school (public, parochial, military, private or state accredited home school) and must utilize the total award within eight (8) years, excluding active military duty or religious mission.

Scholarships may be used to attend any college or university in the United States.

Additionally, the winner of the National Oratorical Contest will travel to join the Youth Champion Delegation of The American Legion that is honored each August at the annual National Convention of The American Legion.

Since this program starts at the local level, scholarships could be awarded to participants by posts, districts, counties and departments during earlier levels of competition.

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