New Service Officer (NSO) School

  • Monthly online school developed for new or soon-to-be-appointed Service Officers (VA accreditation is NOT required)
  • Follows same schedule each month. Nomination/registration: 1st - 10th. Course completion: 11th - 24th (lessons are available 24/7).
  • Candidates must be nominated by Department Adjutants or Department Service Officers
  • May serve as a “refresher course” for Post Service Officers

Department Service Officer (DSO) School

  • Online school intended for experienced Service Officers with VA accreditation; offered semi-annually.
  • More in-depth than NSO School, focusing on the claims process in the spring and on the appeals process in the fall.
  • Candidates can only be nominated by Department Adjutants.
  • Lessons are updated annually, so each school offers new material.

DSO Symposium

  • The highest tier of Service Officer training developed by Bergmann & Moore, The American Legion’s education and litigation partner.
  • The first Symposium is an in-person event, scheduled for October 2024 at the National Convention Center in Leesburg, Virginia.
  • TAL National Headquarters will sponsor 55 Department Service Officers (one per Department); more DSOs may attend if sponsored by their respective Departments.

For more information, please contact The American Legion's Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division at