2020 Virtual Membership Workshop

A virtual session of the 57th annual National Membership Workshop was held Aug. 3-6. The theme this year was “Growing a Post.” The workshop was hosted live through Microsoft Teams. National Headquarters staff were the presenters and moderators.

The PowerPoint slides and audio presentations for each session can be used for training at the post, district and department level.

Access the eight audio presentations at https://vimeo.com/showcase/4552712.

Download the PowerPoint presentations to each session:

Introduction to The American Legion - PDF / Q&A

Develop a mission and vision - PDF / Q&A

Building an effective membership team - PDF / Q&A

Recruitment of volunteers - PDF / Q&A

Membership retention - PDF / Q&A

Every Legionnaire is a recruiter - PDF / Q&A

Define a great post - PDF / Q&A

MyLegion.org Overview - PDF / Q&A