The American Legion National Membership Workshop, happening Aug. 10-11 in 2018, convenes each year in Indianapolis over two days in late July or early August. Department and district American Legion officers attend, learn, network and share best practices for membership growth and retention. Attendees hear from national leadership and guest speakers, followed by three concurrent breakout sessions including District Commander training, Department Membership Chairman training and Long-Term Membership Planning training. Subject matter for each workshop varies depending on trends and priorities. Attendees are prepared to face day-to-day membership opportunities and challenges. The workshop provides essential membership workers with the tools, knowledge and desire to conduct effective American Legion membership activities.

Any American Legion Family member may attend at their own expense. Attendees wishing to come should advise their respective department adjutants.

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Please do not hesitate to contact the National Membership Division with questions.

Key contacts:
• National Membership Division – (317) 630-1321 or by email
• National Customer Service – (800) 433-3318
• Department Headquarters –
• Department Service Officer –

Materials and presentations used in this training will be available for two months. To access this information, please go to and login:

Username: Password: 2018membership

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