An indefensible act 

An indefensible act 

Dear American Legion Family and Friends,

On the day when Americans gather to celebrate our independence, another tragic mass shooting broke out. It seems inappropriate at this time, just a week after I called for just one day of togetherness, to address any other topics.

Instead, we’re once again mourning victims of a mass shooting, sending thoughts and prayers to their loved ones, and searching for answers.

We also must remember to keep our first responders in our thoughts. Day after day, they display courage in healing the victims and keeping our streets safe. While the mass shooting outside Chicago dominated the news coverage on July Fourth, we should not easily dismiss the attack in Philadelphia where two police officers were wounded by an assailant. 

Let me be absolutely clear on one thing that we should all agree on:

It is honorable to pick up arms to defend America against enemies foreign and domestic. It is indefensible to pick up arms and target innocent Americans.

Paul E. Dillard

National Commander

The American Legion