Membership renewal postcard

A membership renewal postcard for 2022 is available for posts to send out to non-renewals. It is to be used as a another reminder to delinquent members’ 2022 renewal notices. The renewal postcard is a fillable PDF that posts can customize. 

Download the renewal postcard here

The messaging on the postcard can be changed to encourage renewals. For example, you can insert post dues amount, share how to mail in dues, give examples of how member dues support post programs, and change the return address to reflect that of the post (it currently lists National Headquarters). 

In part, the messaging now reads:

“Our records indicate we have not yet received your membership dues (insert dues amount) for this year. If your dues have been mailed, please disregard this notice.

“Membership is important not only to our post but also to the state and national organizations. Each year, the number of our members and programs for veterans and communities are reported to Congress. Truly, there is strength in numbers, positively affecting proposed legislation for veterans benefits. Show your support for our veterans, as well as the men and women currently serving, by renewing your membership today.”

For hard copies of the postcard, please contact your department headquarters. National has let departments know that hard copies are available to ship.