Why should posts submit a CPR?

When The American Legion national commander testifies before Congress, the Consolidated Post Report (CPR) data is used to provide numerical data of what the collective American Legion is doing. We report the hours, dollars and numbers of participants to show in quantifiable ways how our organization lives up to its motto of Veterans Strengthening America. 

Leadership should impress upon posts that they need to report their accomplishments in their community. For 2021-22, only about 67% of our more than 12,200 local posts submitted reports. The CPR is how we know more than 3,700 posts conducted Buddy Check last year.

The Federal Charter requires the national organization to report to Congress on the activities of the corporation during the prior calendar year. The CPR is essential in collecting the data to compile this report to Congress.

Every post is doing something in their community. It is important that the post leadership report what they are doing to show our impact. The post may fill out a CPR by using the CPR form on mylegion.org. It has the capability to keep a running total and save the data until you’re ready to submit.