Agony and Ecstasy of Finding My Voice: A Memoir

I was a Medical Service Specialist (bedpan commando) in the Air Force and was assigned to the hospital at Ladd AFB in Fairbanks, Alaska, from 1955 to 1957. My experiences during those years are part of my memoir, and I think military personnel will enjoy reading about them because my experiences remind me of the "MASH" television series that was popular some years later.
I'll be happy to attach a copy of my memoir to the email address of anyone interested in reading it. All they need to do is send me an email requesting a copy, and I'll attach the book and send it to them. My email address is I find the computer is an excellent means for me to send my book free of charge to anyone interested in reading it on their computer and it doesn't cost me anything to oblige them, I'm especially interested in getting it into the hands of anyone who's ever been in the service, or is currently serving our country,

Branton Holmberg