BICENTENNIAL TRIFECTA: Patriots for the American Evolution - a novel about the adventures of an Army journalist in 1976

BICENTENNIAL TRIFECTA - A Historical Novel by Wm. G. Holst (U.S. Army Veteran 1975-78) (All Rights Reserved 2021)

Armed with his camera, notepad and '73 Super Beetle, Specialist Desi McKoy, an Army journalist who hails from Long Island, N.Y., but finds himself stationed at Fort Knox, summons his courage and indulges his curiosity to discover a path of contentment. Desi juggles his duties as a photographer and reporter at the post newspaper with his own Pursuit of Happiness tour of adventures, beginning with the Kentucky Derby in 1976. His off-post apartment becomes the launching pad for several of the adventures, which lead him to plan to be in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City all on July 4, 1976 - the 200th-anniversary celebration of the Declaration of Independence. Desi wants to experience the mood of the American public after the divisiveness of the Vietnam War and Watergate, as well as discover with whom he will be celebrating that historic day.

Bill Holst was born in 1952 on Long Island. He served as an Army journalist in the mid-1970s after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University, where he majored in journalism. He was part of an award-winning newspaper staff at Fort Knox, Ky., and received an Army Commendation Medal for his reporting in Japan.

After his service in the Army and graduation from law school, Bill worked for several years as a litigator and broadcast counsel for CBS in Manhattan. He later served on Long Island in several appointed and elected governmental positions.

Bill has been married to his wife, Laura, for 43 years, and they have two children and three grandsons.

His historical novel about the adventures of an Army journalist in 1976 is spiced with many of the counterculture elements of the 1970s, creating a page-turner that heats up the Cold War era.