“While operations in Afghanistan and Iraq continue, more than 100,000 of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have returned from overseas. As they do, many communities from around our country are paying tribute to the efforts and sacrifices these brave men and women have made in our global war on terrorism.”

– Gen. Richard B. Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
Washington, June 12, 2003

What can you do?

Many of our Legion posts are actively involved in their communities welcoming our troops home. Here are some ideas on how you can help:

  • Seek out servicemembers returning to your community, and make it a major event
  • Organize community-wide ceremonies on holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day
  • Present a Legion Certificate of Appreciation - Download Certificate of Recognition
  • Host activities in the post (dinner or an awards ceremony)
  • Organize "Support Our Troops Night" at local sporting events
  • Line the streets with U.S. flags, Blue Star Banners, yellow ribbons and yard signs
  • Develop a public-relations plan to get the event publicized in newspapers, radio or TV
  • Arrange speaking engagements for servicemembers at schools
  • Present returning troops with certificates of recognition