Detailed Legacy Run route plan now online

The route plan for the 2013 American Legion Legacy Run, sponsored by USAA, is available online here. The route plan includes directions, daily mileage totals, and information on event and fuel stops.

The plan is subject to change based on changing road conditions during the Run, or when directed by law enforcement or public safety officials. The plan also is not intended to replace the road captain briefings given each morning and at other times during the Run. Check with road captains for the latest information.

Mileages given are approximate distances based on mapping software and odometer readings from the pre-runs and may not exactly match individual motorcycle odometer readings.

"GAS TANK NOTES" are a shortened version of the directions given for each leg for those who wish to write short navigational aids with grease pencil or marker on windshields, chrome or other places for reference. Individual tank notes may be different than those suggested here.