The American Legion Riders Office falls under the purview of the Internal Affairs Division. Please contact the ALR office if they can be of assistance. These questions can be regarding The American Legion Legacy Run, procedures and processes, how to start a new rider chapter in your post or general inquiries. Most questions may be answered more quickly by contacting one of the committee members for assistance.

Internal Affairs Division
American Legion National Headquarters
(317) 630-1330

2016 American Legion Riders Advisory Committee

The National ALR Advisory Committee to Internal Affairs advises the Internal Affairs Commission and the national officers and staff regarding the American Legion Riders Program.  Members of the committee are appointed annually. Click here to see a map with the ALR Advisory Committee region breakdown.

Alaska, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York & Virginia

Bob Sussan (VA), (Chairman)
(703) 328-7691

Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Texas

Stephen E Ridenour (OK), (Vice Chairman & Committee Member)

Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island & Vermont

Andrew W. Pajak (MA), (Consultant)

Idaho, Montana, Nebraska & Wyoming

David Salak (NE), (Consultant)

Indiana, Ohio & Michigan

Robert A. Schnell (IN), (Consultant)

Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas & Missouri

Mark Clark (MO), (Committee Member)

Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota & Wisconsin

David L. Gough (WI), (Committee Member)

Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania & West Virginia

Jon A. Hosfeld (PA), (Committee Member)

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina & Mississippi

Mike Kirchoff (FL), (Committee Member)

Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah & Washington

John Moffitt (AZ), (Committee Member)

Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina & Tennessee

Chad Woodburn (IL), (Committee Member)



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Please note that all questions pertaining to The American Legion Legacy Scholarship should be directed to