Submitted by: Jacqueline F. Hurlbut

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Through the ages America has always had more than her share of patriots. Too often they are long forgotten, as we Americans continue along the paths of our busy lives. This book is about one of those patriots, Brigadier General George Ashworth Cobham a man of great principle who fought and died for his adopted land. Over100 of his letters sent from the battlefields of the War Between the States tell of the bravery, hardships, and horror of a Civil war that pitched brother against brother.

About the author:

Originally from England, Jacqueline F. Hurlbut is married to David J Hurlbut. A Happy American by Choice, residing in Georgia. A person who loves to travel, read and write and who never ceases to be amazed by the virtue and graciousness of America and her citizens, When writing a book such as this, it truly is a re affirmation of my love and admiration for this great Nation. It is by Grace that I am able to enjoy these blessings daily. Books" Patriot Heart" By Jacqueline F. Hurlbut

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