Mission Transition: Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles to Your Post-Military Career

Mission Transition is a practical guide for veterans in career transition, their families, and their prospective employers. It attempts to address this primary question: How can transitioning veterans realize their full potential by avoiding false starts and suboptimal career choices following active duty? The book has been endorsed by Generals, Astronauts, Super Bowl winners, War College professors, sitting and retired members of Congress, and best-selling authors. Almost all that have read it insist that it should be mandatory reading for those in the service and those that have recently departed the service. I’m confident that you will not find a better book on this topic in the market. I’m similarly confident that this effort will significantly improve the lives of veterans here and abroad if only we can expose them to its content.

In The Arena

Last night we sighted fifty-eight NVA. We couldn't tell how many we killed because the fog rolled in as we were shooting our mission. It was a scary night. When the fog rolls in, there is no visibility. Sentries can't even see one another from one end of the small bunker complex to the other end.... I am back and going out again! All patrols have been made six days long. Six days of absolute silence and constant vigilance... In addition, the NVA are putting out anti-recon units. We have been having a lot of teams shot out of their insert LZs.

A Long Triage

The story of my struggle with the long term effects of the invisible wounds of war.

Power Point Ranger: My Iraq War Logs

Matt Jerome retired from the military. At age 52, he enjoys retirement days in his wood shop, but then after more than a decade out of uniform, the Army calls and changes his life dramatically. “The Army needs you for the surge of forces in Iraq,” the personnel manager says, and Captain Jerome answers, “OK, how can I help?”

Bleeding Spirits

Mr. Jewell was drafted into the Vietnam war as a teen. The horrors and complexities of war impacted him throughout his life, and through therapy he began to explore the realities of PTSD and what his experiences meant to him. "Bleeding Spirits" is his testament to his journey both through his time in Vietnam and the search for peace following it. This very raw and intimate look into his time as a combat soldier is inspirational and moving. It's also a love story. You see, Mr. Jewell passed away before the publication of this book, and his family and close friend took up the cause to ensure that his story be told. This is a gift to all of us.

Deadly SNAFU, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.

A thoroughly researched investigative journey, George Swimmer’s non-fiction “Deadly S.N.A.F.U., Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.” deserves your attention.

On Being Great Again, A Surgeon, A Soldier, A Family Man, Jack J. Caleca MD

Dr. Caleca was a surgeon soldier during World War II in the South Pacific. There he had a camera; he had the chemicals and he told his story with the photographs he produced. The book contains 39 of his restored wartime photographs. The book also includes a short history of the US Army Medical Services branch in the South Pacific during the war.

Memories Never Die

Well-Received New Vietnam Vet Thriller

Sad Joys on Deployment

Personal memories of an orthopaedic surgeon who served with the Australian Defence Force on ten deployments, including a posting to a USAF base in Balad, Iraq.

Fury. A Soldier's Journey

Just published March 2020, "Fury: A Soldier's Journey" by Joe Myles is an autobiography covering events from Basic to fighting with 1st Infantry in Vietnam during Tet. Captivating, a must read..