Shepherds of God in Wolves' Clothing: Random Reflections of a Former Army Chaplain

Men and women who wear the uniform hold citizenship in both a material and a spiritual dimension, and they may well be ordered to protect and defend the national interests of the United States anywhere worldwide on a moment's notice: it is the the military chaplains, those "shepherds of God," who willingly deploy with them to provide spiritual support so deeply needed in such times of crisis.

World War II the only time the U.S. and Mexico were allies

When German U-boats sank Mexico’s tankers, she declared war and joined the Allies. Mexican Squadron 201, USAAF 58th Fighter Group served under Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the Pacific.

The Future of America

This book is an attempt, on the part of the author, to illustrate the reality of our union; that In spite of our differences in race, gender, philosophy and age, we are one nation and we are going to be treated as one by our neighbors around the world. The author does that in these pages by showing that our diversity can be viewed as a strength and should be. This is done by looking first at the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and how those sacrifices have been shared by all races, genders and religious groups within the American population. When a foreign national pulls down our flag or screams, "Yankee go home!", he is not referring only to an American from north of the Mason-Dixon Line. He means all of us! In spite of our differences, for better or for worse, we are one!

The Return of Running Horse

THE RETURN OF RUNNING HORSE AND OTHER STORIES, by Don Himelstein, is a series of true incidents in the life of the author. From the military hospitals of the U.S. Army in Europe to the streets of New York City, and from the vast farmlands of mid-America to the drug-infected slums of America’s major cities, little has escaped the sharp attention of the author. Follow along as Himelstein lays bare heretofore carefully concealed secrets that have never been told until now.

Last Target Standing

Army veteran and author Jason Kasper releases his latest espionage thriller; a propulsive novel of international intrigue and heart-pounding military action.

Navy veteran/retired FDNY firefighter honors 20th anniversary of 9/11 with new book

Navy veteran and retired FDNY firefighter Gerald “Jerry” Sanford honors the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11 in his new book “It Started with a Helmet: A Retired Firefighter’s Return to New York City the Day Before 9/11,” which shares his gripping true account while volunteering with the FDNY during the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

The Serpent Papers

The Serpent Papers, a novel by Jeff Schnader, M.D., is the struggle of two best friends, one who goes to college and the other who volunteers to fight in Vietnam, as they confront the fear, violence and issues of conscience surrounding the Vietnam War. The author is a critical care and pulmonary boarded physician and professor of medicine who served U.S. veterans in the VA hospital system for 22 years, saving numerous lives there (according to the veterans he served); he now has a VA pension.

The Best Care in the Air, The Complete History of the 109th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Minnesota Air National Guard

The narrative of a aeromedical evacuation unit that went from being the "stepchild" of its wing to the pride of the Minnesota Air National Guard.

"Turning the Storm"

As World War II reaches a tipping point, one heroic family is determined to help turn the tide. "A sweeping, wonderfully crafted saga...Jackson has created a masterful, enduring tale." —H.W. "Buzz" Bernard, award-winning author of When Heroes Flew Feeling the mantle of duty lying heavily on their shoulders, the Littlefields are pushed to their limits in the much-anticipated third installment in the AFTER DUNKIRK series.

"The Best Are in the Air: The Complete History of the109th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Minnesota Air National Guard"

The story of an aeromedical evacuation unit that went from being the 'stepchild' of the wing to the premier aeromedical evacuation squadron in the U.S. Air Force system, as told from the view point of its commanders and the people, both nurses and medical technicians, who served in this remarkable unit.