From Enemies to Partners: Vietnam, the U.S. and Agent Orange


The Headless Snake

The Headless Snake is my firsthand account of Vietnam 1966-1968, not through the eyes of a bureaucrat or soldier, but someone who was there by choice and eager to make a difference.

The Man Behind Badge 711

This is a book about my years as a NYC fireman, 1959-1979, the war years. It also tells about my small part in the recovery at Ground Zero after 9/11, and my fight with two types of cancer after 9/11

Behind the Murder Curtain Special Agent Bruce Sackman Hunts Doctors and Nurses who Kill our Veterans

Behind the Murder Curtain is the true story of Bruce Sackman, Special Agent in Charge of the department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General. Behind the Murder Curtain tells how the dedicated investigator brought down four Medical Serial Killers in Veteran's Hospitals.. This book should be read by all veterans and their families

Captured, Not Conquered: American POWs in the First World War

A new work examining American prisoners of war (POWs) in World War I has been released by E&H Publishing Company in time for centenary observances.

Veterans - Stories from America's Best

Stories from our brothers and sisters, of all ranks, all branches, and all wars, in their own words. From WWI to the Global War on Terror, we've held the line, we did our duty, we served. We are members of a very exclusive club, and no person or politician can ever take that from us. Duty, Honor, Country - we are the best this country had to offer.

The American Military: A Concise History

The American Military: A Concise History narrates the American military experience. It focuses on four recurring themes-citizen soldiers vs. the standing armed forces; military professionalism; mechanization and technology; and the limits of power-and illuminates the role of the American military in its past and how it is shaping current and future national security issues.

Everything I Never Wrote Mom ......About the U.S. Army and Vietnam

If you remember how hard it was entering military service...this will bring back those memories. Stories about the crazies, the crazy experiences and the crazy people you meet through military service. Discipline, Regimentation, and institutional food all had their own stories. These are the stories that none of us were smart enough or dumb enough not to write home and tell mom. Enjoy my trip down memory lane.

Potato Ridge

Vietnam Veteran Mark McLane, radioman with the First Air Cavalry Division, Captures Small-town Life in New Book One dollar for every book sold through Memorial Day will be donated to the National Center for PTSD-Veteran’s Affairs. Potato Ridge is a story of life in a small Indiana town in the time and a place where the villagers struggled to preserve their long-held All-American ideals of God, Football, and the Constitution in the turmoil of dramatic social and political revolution sweeping the nation. It is a story of Love and Hate. Hope and Despair. Heartbreak and Happiness. Life and Death. Victory and Defeat....

Letting Go

A father who had a 1-Y draft status during the Vietnam War loses his soldier son under mysterious circumstances in Afghanistan.