Captured by Love: Inspiring True Romance Stories from Vietnam POWs

New! How ironic that the Vietnam POWs' physical and mental suffering and years of separation actually helped them create great romance and lasting love. You won't believe the 20 stories from these Top Gun POWs.

Veterans Healthcare

VETERANS HEALTHCARE: The Essentials for Improving the Veterans Health Administration by Juan Orellana, MD, MS, FACS Paperback is $14.99 through

The Flags of My Father It can take a long time, often too long, for a son to recognize the value of his father, in his own life and that of the society he defended. The experience of my father, Col Nicoll F. “Nick” Galbraith, GSC, U.S. Army, has come to me in magnificent proportion with my self-publication of "Valley of the Shadow: An Account of American POWs of the Japanese," published by XLibris in June 2018, revised May 2020. This experience was triggered, now seemingly long ago, by the ambitious year-long exposition of our Pioneers Museum in Colorado Springs in 2010, titled So Far From Home: the American POW Experience in World War II, the entire Japanese half of which was my father’s wartime archive, from the surrender of Corregidor in May 1942 and continuing through the three-and-a-half years of infliction as a “guest of the emperor.” As our Galbraith family amalgamated our father’s extensive POW archive, including Gen. Jonathan M. Wainwright’s original Corregidor surrender order, that aged, dusty box containing over 1,000 handwritten flimsies was dragged out from a deep family shelf and I began to understand, page by page, what we had. The two flags played an integral part in the Corregidor surrender process and an emotional one in August 1945, when the POWs were rescued/released by a six-man OSS team and the Russian Red Army, both events being very close calls. Col. Galbraith treats these experiences thematically, in third-person narrative format, enabling him to offer a psychological, emotional and moral matrix to help the reader interpret the challenges and personal behaviors of incarcerated American prisoners who suddenly had been deprived of their normal social and physical lives as officers, colleagues, husbands and fathers. Galbraith describes his own and his prison mates’ struggle to maintain their personal dignity and relationships. Whitney H. Galbraith Colorado Springs, Colo.

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Free Speech or Sedition: Book VI Homicide Detective John Francis Kelly series

Freedom is on the line. Our democracy is threatened. In Book VI, Kelly has to find the perpetrator of three murders. No clues, at least at first. Then the FBI volunteers him for an investigation that involves a threat to our national security democracy.

Ghost of Samarra

Debuted at #1 New Releases for Iraq War Histories, Initially climbing to #8 for Best Sellers for Iraq War Histories on Amazon. Written By Dr. Tobias Vogt, who tells the amazing history of the first ever Stryker Combat Vehicle unit to ever enter into war. Described within are the successes of the unit created by its exceptional leadership and dedicated soldiers.

My America

This book is very good reading for those of us who are Baby Boomers. The author. Roger Carter does a very good writing to those of us born in the 1950's to the present day. I enjoyed it very much. And as a student of American history I saw many of the same things that he writes about. He came from the area that I live and it was fascinating how he saw the same things that I did. Then he did a lot of national history as he saw it. He would be a very good professor to college students. I recommend to anyone that they should read it. Thank you. Terri Gurevitz, IN

From Mail to Mountain

The story of a 10th Mountain Division soldier's climb to glory.

101 Chuck YEAGER-isms: Wit & Wisdom from America’s Hero

“First time I saw a jet…I shot it down.” Chuck YEAGER-ism #44 Read about his opinion on 9/11, NASA, combat, test-flying, life in general, dying, praying and more. There are actually 131 Chuck YEAGER-isms, some risqué, some great wisdom, some great fun and many a mixture of all three.

Flying Under the Radar; the Men, the Mission, and the Aircraft of the Department of State Air Wing, 1983-2013

The story of a unclassified, but almost unknown Department of State aviation program that has operated in war zones and hostile areas for over 35 years; and all the while under the radar.