B-29s take the war to Japan's door

The B-29 Super Fortress was America's answer to take the war to Japan. Read about the early training days for the crews and hazardous missions that were near disasters. This factual account of one B29 crew's experience in the Pacific was compiled from conversations with crewmembers and letters written from Saipan in 1944-45. The crew of Three Feathers, cycled through three planes (losing the first two to serious battle damage) to complete 35 missions before the Enola Gay and Bockscar dropped the atomic bombs that ended the war with Japan. Three Feathers III was selected by the 500th Bomb Group to honor the 4th US Marines that fought to capture the Pacific islands that were needed as forward airfields for the B-29s to reach Japan. She was also given the honor to carry General Curtis Lemay and his flagship officers back to the states at the end of the war.

“My Memoirs”

I’m a Member of American Legion Post 128 of Marsing Idaho. I am a USAF Vietnam Veteran As I write this, I am the Chaplain for Post 128 and a proud member of the Tan Son Nhut Association / www.tsna.org. I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut AF Base in Saigon, Vietnam 1966-1967 and was in the 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, as an Airframe Repairman (Aircraft sheet-metal), repaired damaged aircraft. We have many military & civilians to thank for their efforts during the Vietnam War. I want to tell the story of two civilians who greatly affected my life while in Vietnam.

Four War Veteran

Have you ever known or ever heard of a 4 war veteran?

Allie's Response to Retiring the Flag

A Youngsters Touching Response to a Flag Retirement

Flags over Newton

SAL's Salute to Vets

Veterans Aid During Tragedy

Veterans' experience and training make them unique when confronted with tragedy, and they tend to react calmly, efficiently, and with no glory.

After Action Report

American Legion Memorial Post #71 post-Hurricane Irma relief effort a HUGE success.

My Guardian Angel Testimony

It’s not just the story of my shooting and near death experience but also a story of hope and perseverance.

Take Care of Yourself by Taking Time to Travel

Many of us are tempted to save up our vacation days, but we all need time off to recharge, and taking that time to travel actually benefits our mental health. What’s even better is we enjoy those benefits as soon as we start planning a trip, and the happy memories made while traveling continue to give us a boost long after a trip is over.

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My Guardian Angel Testimony