"End of the Leash"

View through the eyes of a military war dog in Vietnam their experience.

How Military Service Change My Life

What I could have become and what I have become is a credit to my military service.

United States Military Strategy, Vietnam

Crucial US foreign policy and significant military events that led to a major impact on US involvement in Vietnam.

“Thanks for Serving” He Said

The feelings and emotions of a veteran who did not serve in Viet Nam when a veteran who did serve in Viet Nam said 'Thanks for serving'.

Moving day tips ease stress for military families

If you’re part of a military family, moving is a way of life. Whether this is your first move or your tenth, you can use some tips to make moving day go smoothly and start making your new home feel like your own. Our tips will help.

Carrying the Colors; An essay from the perspective of an African American Color Guard

What an amazing experience it’s been so far. As a retired Air Force veteran, I now have the privilege of donning a uniform once again, to serve alongside some of the country’s best!! The Men & Women of the American Legion. My first opportunity to serve in this capacity was participating the Memorial Day parade.

‘Always doing work,’ proud first-generation American WWII veteran remembers

Joining the Navy was a responsibility and honor for first-generation American WWII veteran, Simon Zayon.

"Rock Our Vets"

Recognizing a worthwhile organization, which is currently servicing the immediate needs of our veterans.

Devastating three alarm fire destroys Joe Stickell American Legion in Waynesboro, PA

Devastating fire destroys Joe Stickell American Legion in Waynesboro, PA

Clovis Desaulniers

Purple Heart, Croix de Guerre, and The Great World War for Civilization medals recipient from WWI who exemplified the traits of courage, grit, and determination of which defines a superior fighting American Soldier to be reckoned with.