Local Doberman Honored as Lyons VA Hospital’s Therapy Dog of the Year

Doberman has had more than 3750 VA patient contacts @ Lyons VA Hospital in NJ

On Creating a Military Family Memorial

As far as we know,there are only a couple of memorials related to military family members throughout the country; that's what makes unique the one recently installed in Santa Fe by the Museum of the American Military Family. It represents the mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and spouses of all military services throughout our nation's history.

Blue Star Flag Found

In 2012, Bill Holmes, volunteer at The Terwilliger Hall Museum in Waterloo, NY, found the original Service flag from the First Presbyterian Church of Waterloo on EBay. He knew it was the original flag because the sale also included the original program from 1920. Bill purchased the flag and the program.

Big Jim and Little Joe

During the Vietnam war there were a million stories created of military actions, but not many about the contractors supporting them. Here's one of mine.

The Illusion of Vietnam

Coming back to Vietnam in 1996 wasn't pretty.

Eerie Experience at the Arizona

An unintentionally psychic pastor visits Pearl Harbor in 1995 and is startled by an "encounter" with an Arizona sailor still on duty.

Patriotic drawing

Patriotic drawing, 1st grade.

Helping Heroes Fly

We help heroes fly when they otherwise couldn't afford it.

Visiting a hero

A hero buried with the common soldier.

No Substitute

An original Tuskegee Airman serves as a substitute teacher and brings his story of his Red Tails days to children of the new millenium.