I Remember David


Sonarman Paul LaMont, recipient of Atomic Veterans Commemorative Service Medal

A scrappy kid who became an exceptional boxer, discipline, focus and willpower that has enabled him to meet the challenges of his life.

Curtis High School students help homeless veterans

NJROTC students from Staten Island collect supplies to help homeless veterans.

WWI Somme American Cemetery (France)

Captain Maxson Post 634 Cambridge N.Y.

No longer foes – friends honor the fallen

The German and Italian Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) Cemetery on the former Fort McClellan, Ala.

American Legion NSO saves homeless honorably discharged Army disabled veteran's life

Arthur C. Timmins, NSO.

65th Infantry Regiment ("The Borinqueneers") memories

This report explains how different groups - former members of the 65th Infantry Regiment, other military members and the families of the former members - remember the unit based on different perspectives. For the soldiers of the 65th Infantry Regiment who experienced the event firsthand, it is a story remembered with pain, sadness, disappointment, sacrifice and pride. A war not only with China and its allies but also with those who were supposed to be their most significant support, their officers. Former member Anibal Albertorio stated, “All my experiences were terrible, but I still had my pride and faith; they could not take that away. We did not have the appropriate clothes or armament, which made it so much more challenging; the treatment toward us was unfair and unjust. We had combat fatigue, but nobody cared; enduring that situation was almost impossible.” Other military members remember the 65th Infantry Regiment as a group of old-time warriors, valiant, daring, tough, resilient, proud of their heritage, willing and go-getters; an Anglo Army commander conveyed his feelings about the Borinqueneers: "I do not remember an ethnic group that had greater pride in itself and its heritage, nor have I encountered any group that can be more dedicated and zealous in its support of the democratic principles for which the United States stands. The family members of the former soldiers of the 65th Infantry Regiment remember the Korean War and the circumstances the regiment faced as traumatic, stressful and worrisome. “We prefer to receive the corpses of our sons, killed heroically on the battlefields of Korea, than to have them return stained with the stigma of cowardice,” stated some of the parents of the soldiers to President Dwight Eisenhower.

National vice commander visits Grove City, Ohio

We weren't sure if he'd show up or not! We were on the itinerary but didn't know if he'd have enough time to stop by to see us too!

Semper Paratus - Always Ready

The time is now to build the United States Coast Guard Museum.

The American Legion Alabama Commander's Cup & CMP 3-Position Air Rifle Junior Olympic Qualifier

The American Legion Matthew Blount Post 555 "Triple Nickel" and Shelby County Sport Shooting Association (SCSSA) Junior Shooters won 1st place in the Commander's Cup for the third year in a row!!!