American Legion Riders helping veterans

Access ramp built for disabled Desert Storm veteran.

That American Feeling

As I heard the sound of our nation’s song, I immediately straightened up, told my men to “look sharp, and get in step.” As we marched through town, women and children came out from the crowd and put loaves of bread and bottles of wine in our hands. Yes, it was very much like the end of WWII film clips you see on television.

My journey to getting my Ed.D.

My Journey to Getting My Ed.D.

A Casualty of the Spirit

PTSD in history, in literature, and in all of us.

The Most Beautiful Building in Town

Gorgeous flowers! Red, white and blue!

VA co-pay for prescription drugs

VA CO-PAY FOR PRECRIPTION DRUGS My wife & I take the same blood pressure medicine Diltiazem. For a 90 day supply, hers with our insurance, cost $4.14 at a retail pharmacy. In comparison, Mine cost $24.00 (co-pay) at the VA Pharmacy. I questioned billing. She insisted I had to pay the co-pay. She then said I could ask my Dr. to write out my prescription and take to a retail pharmacy. I did and four prescriptions cost me $8.35 for a 90 day supply. VA had been charging me $69.00 for these same four prescriptions. I asked my insurance, (Blue Cross) and also VA Billing to send me a statement of cost. For the year 2017 VA stated I had paid $276.25. My insurance stated my cost should have only been $22.99. The VA has Consolidated Patient Account Centers (CPAC). CPAC bills our insurance and bills us the co-pay. On the back of VA Billing Form 10-0246, it states, your insurance may "REDUCE OR ELIMINATE YOUR COPAYMENT". I asked CPAC for an audit. After much delay, I was forced to ask WV Senator Joe Manchin to get me the audit. It went back to 1992. I have gotten refunds totaling over $1,000.00. This is to alert other veterans, with insurance, to check and see if you are being overcharged and due a refund. John Jarrett Peters 5766 Hubbards Br. Rd. Huntington, WV 25704 Ph 304 429 2033

A hero's jacket begins its journey (Part 2)

Submitted with Part 1 (

A hero's jacket begins its journey

My dad was a World War II Army vet who passed away at 96 in early August of this year. I'm his oldest son and wanted to submit this story of how his World War II jacket became a family treasure - and began a transition where it was passed along to another older Army veteran, with plans for it to be passed along from veteran to veteran into the indefinite future.

The Only One

The only American to serve with the New Zealand army During the Vietnam War, and the only one authorized to wear the Royal New Zealand Engineer Badge.

Raising the flag

Minnesota Twins honor veterans.