Baby Boomers come of age, PART IIl

This is the aftermath of our youth fractured by war.

America protecting its own: International COVID-19 lockdown provided lessons for travelers

The international explosion of COVID-19 infections and worldwide closing of borders in mid-March 2020 provided an experienced traveler couple, the author and his wife, first-hand experience on how to stay calm and carry on when a splendid tour suddenly turns into a worrisome wait for governmental evacuation.

Baby Boomers come of age, PART II

Teenagers and beyond

Moonriver and Black Ponies: My Year in Vietnam

I am a Navy Vietnam veteran and retired Naval Reservist (CWO4). From December 1969 to December 1970, I served in Vietnam as a communications security monitor operator (CTR2) throughout South Vietnam. My story offers a glimpse of a unique specialty whose purpose was to protect Navy communications from exploitation by the enemy. (Submission is a much shorter version of the story)

St. George, Maine Post 34 gets "restored" flag drop box

Flags of our nation get a new place to retire.

Honor Guard

The field is lined with stones with names, dates ad symbols, of fallen soldiers. Each one has a story and history that may not be remembered or ever passed on.

The Chaplain

As you walk into your monthly meeting the post chaplain greets you at the door with a smile, You feel welcome that someone acknowledged your presence.

A veteran's Covid-19 experience

How an 82-year-old Navy Veteran was inspired by his four-year-old neighbor.

100 Miles for Hope

100 miles for hope.

"My Flag 'til I Die"

I was watching TV and was so upset of what I was watching, burning, stomping and desecrating our American Flag. I rose from my chair and wrote a poem, but I realize that the The American Legion Magazine doesn't take poetry so I wrote a letter. Hope you enjoy my thoughts.