Wellness event with Warrior Strong

A day for wellness. Yoga, breath work and nutrition for veterans.

In our own words

Be the One.

Lunch with a friend

I had lunch with a friend today and saw myself as I think she was seeing me.

The lost dog tag

An Army veteran contacted our Legion post with a WWII dog tag he found, hoping to find the family he could give it to.

How we got started with The American Legion

"If I have to go into the military, I want to be a Legionnaire someday so I can participate in things like this."

Toys for Tots event sponsored by Stoughton (Mass.) Post 89

Description of Toys for Tots event.

Memories of Pearl Harbor: A Final Farewell

I didn't know this truth about the Pearl Harbor bombing; this made it very personal for both my father and me.

Quilts of Honor awarded

Quilts of Honor presented to 37 color and honor guard members, past and present, of American Legion Post 51 and VFW Post 4258 in Pine City, Minn.

Two WWII Navy veterans on same ship at same time, living in South Jersey, to meet soon

Simon and George were on USS Savannah in January 1945 when they escorted President Roosevelt on USS Quincy to the Yalta Conference. I recently met George and we discovered that he and my father were on the same ship at the same time. Neither knew the other. They hope to meet on Veterans' Day.

It's our code

It was meant for all who served in combat.