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Fourth of July: Chas P. Rowe American Legion Post 30 Pomona

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Why I joined The American Legion

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Coffee with the General

In 1966 I was a L/Cpl. and a crew member on a KC130 transport plane in Marine Squadron 152 at Da Nang, Vietnam. Our crew took part in our share of combat exercises, but what I consider my most successful mission was the time I had to serve day old black coffee to Lt. Gen. Lew Walt without spilling it on him during a bumpy flight on the way to his promotion ceremony in Da Nang. When he got off the plane, TV cameras and reporters from America were waiting for him. Fortunately for me, his trousers weren't coffee-stained.

Small town, big pride

Memorial Day "Field of Flags" reaches nearly 900 in small town W. Va. Cameron, W. Va. is the sight of a "Field of Flags" each Memorial Day. This event has grown progressively over the past four years. Citizens term it "amazing, beautiful, outstanding."

Father Joseph Lonergan, World War I Army chaplain became national chaplain of The American Legion

While going through a box of 1930's materials and folders, I found a black & white 8 x 10 photo of a man in his U. S. Army uniform. The photo individual showed an officer(Lt. Colonel) with insignia of a chaplain on his lapels. The photo also was signed in white/silver ink "In Fond Remembrance"- J M Lonergan.

Memorial Day

Members of American Legion Post 215 place flags on veterans graves

"I almost slept though it"

A very important part of history

Fountain Hills, Ariz. Post 58 feeds veterans

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Vietnam Vignette

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