Christmas dinner

On Christmas Day; Our 6th Year

Help was there

How Post 711 helped when noplace else offered

Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System Opens New CBOC

Reaching out to Veterans in rural areas.

1964 Hurricanes

When the Hurricane Hunters Came To Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico


VA Medical Cannabis Forum What Medical Cannabis Could Look Like For Our Veterans

William Leppert/stories of service/Vietnam

Purple Heart

Vet Voice


This is a short story that I wrote fore an English Class in 1998. My teacher enjoyed it so mush that she submitted it to be published in a collection of short stories by students called the LOOKING GLASS. It is the thought of remembering those years of service. How we feel when we think back to the times we shared with our brothers and sisters in arms. I thought others might enjoy this.

Pickens Veterans Memorial Park Jasper GA

Veterans honoring Past, Present and future Veterans

Naval Veteran and San Diego State University graduate student’s project, the “Shower Safe Base Foot”

SDSU graduate tudent and 23 naval veteran invents low cost shower foot as graduate project.