No Substitute

An original Tuskegee Airman serves as a substitute teacher and brings his story of his Red Tails days to children of the new millenium.

Confession of A Soldier

All soldiers deaths are tragic but some are more tragic than others. Friendly fire is never friendly and there is always victims on both sides of the conflict.

The Drinks Are on Us

A 100-proof morale booster

Saying goodbye

First Tour

Best Christmas Eve, Ever

Ammo dump guard duty on Christmas eve

What Annoys Me

Article about what annoys me!

Siouxland Freedom Park

Vietnam Wall at Siouxland Freedom Park

Service marriage

Married in 3 months time.

93 year old dances the night away

Dancing the Night Away


Oral disease, cavities and periodontal disease, are as common place as time itself. Most individuals do not know that oral diseases can also affect other parts of our body. Often we separate our mouth from the rest of our body failing to realize that the digestive connection has always been there. Recently, research shows an even greater mouth to body connection where poor oral health can affect our lives far beyond a simple cavity, bad breath or gum disease with life-threatening cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, pregnancy complications, diabetes, strokes and more. If a regular, simple inexpensive dental examination & cleaning can help maintain oral health while potentially stopping a costly heart attack then it would appear that one’s dental health is more than a simple “dental exam”.