Memorial Day activity

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Post 350 American Legion Elk Rapids Michigan

Flags prior to Memorial Day

Category: Personal Experiences

Over 1,000 flags planted on veterans' graves.

Fading Messengers

Category: Music

I wrote the song 'Fading Messengers' with the forgotten soldier in mind, especially those who paid the supreme sacrifice, like those entombed in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier monument and USS Arizona in Hawaii. I visited Pearl Harbor in my early teens with family and I couldn't get the thought out of my mind about those men buried alive, underwater. My dad was a World War II veteran and I've also come to realize that many often wonder what Memorial Day is about. I approached the song and video with some of these thoughts in mind.

Shoemaker post burns U.S. flags with honor

Category: Personal Experiences

Shoemaker post becomes second in nation to construct memorial site for the interment of retired flag ashes, after Alabama post.

"Laid to Rest?"

Category: Poetry

A poem dedicated to the 13 servicemembers who were killed in the Kabul airport bombing on Aug. 26, 2021.

Typical Air America work

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In a top-secret document later declassified, the Secretary of State designated Air America as the primary search and rescue force for northern Laos in 1965.

American Legion Post 196 event raises over $11K

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Post 196 in Milford, Conn., is known for its beachfront location. Many summer events take place here, but we wanted to increase participation during winter months. What better way than to have a Polar Plunge fundraiser?

From the Air Force to college chancellor

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Dr. McCollum has led delegations to South Africa, Costa Rica and Haiti to work on issues related to poverty, gender equality and education.

My most memorable day as a veteran

Category: Personal Experiences

Uh, oh ... the guy looks a little rough, I wonder what he wants from me ....

Into the Upper Country

Category: Books

Historical fiction in the vein of Bernard Cornwell and Wilbur Smith. This fast-paced adventure dives into a period of Colonial America much overlooked and often forgotten.