"Twelve Beds," a novel by D.R. Knudson

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"Twelve Beds" is a compelling and gripping novel written by a gifted veteran. This book is a provocative war story, love story and drama, encompassing heartbreak, suspense, compassion and much more. The story travels an intriguing, enticing journey of suspense and shocking revelations. In Knudson's deft hands, each chapter is woven with painful lessons, traumatic events and deep conversations. Ablaze with emotion, the reader will burn up the pages. Released in late 2023, "Twelve Beds" is rapidly becoming an acclaimed novel.

New songs by Vietnam vet David Arthur Furry

Category: Music

Hello, I'm looking to spread the word to veterans worldwide about my music. Six ballads, including "The Walkin' Man", about homeless vets who have walked the roads of American these many decades. Listen to this song and five more new releases on my webpage, DavyArturo.com. Also watch the Vimeo photo-videos. All free and NO commercials.

“Battle Scars”

Category: Books

Twenty years later, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines looks back at the Iraq War and how it changed their lives.

Dear Uncle

Category: Personal Experiences

I am a public speaker, actor and published author of many short stories, curriculum and poetry. I am seeking speaking opportunities and completing a book about childhoods affected by veteran suicide.

"Sir, Paul, Thomas J."

Category: Personal Experiences

A funny short story about how two marines had reversed names.

Wreaths Across America - a new song

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A new song has been written to support Wreaths Across America Day on December 16.

Smithfield, Virginia American Legion Post 49 honors WWII Veterans

Category: Personal Experiences

World War II Veterans Honored on Veterans Day 2023

A Blue Star Field for Veterans

Category: Poetry

Have you passed by a cemetery with U.S.A. flags on veterans' graves? They are saluting the brave ones who served their country.

How I spent my Veterans Day

Category: Personal Experiences

Definition of a Veteran - We gave up our liberty so that others would have theirs. Liberty is the term used for time off and for sailors, in my opinion, it was the most accurate service term I think I heard in my years of service. Off the base for five hours, more precious than money, “liberty” to make our own decisions/choices; not being told what to do, when to do it, or how to do it, which had been our life 24/7 for six weeks. The uniform squared away, and my memories from 40 years ago, fresh in my mind and heart, I knew I was ready to share my passion and love of the Coast Guard with a new generation.

High school senior interviews veterans on YouTube

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As Veterans Day approaches, it remains essential to preserve our veterans' stories. They’ve gone above and beyond for our country. I'm Luke Basso, a high school senior in North Carolina, and since 2021, I've conducted interviews with more than 50 veterans on my YouTube channel, Filmperia.