Loving Veterans as Letters From Home

Category: Music

Erinn Diaz of Letters From Home devotes her life's work to a revival of patriotism, using a very unique approach!

Boot song

Category: Poetry

Vietnam Vet poem to touch your heart

The Fourth of July

Category: Poetry

Thinking of our beginning

The Price of Freedom (In case you didn't know)

Category: Poetry

Teresa wrote this poem for her husband, who is a Vietnam veteran.

Using the Purple Heart Medal to stop Violence

Category: Personal Experiences

By publishing my letter, Families of convicted mass shooters need to understand they will be held financially liable for violence committed by family members.


Category: Poetry

Retired Postmaster from California, Poet occasionally and just write down my feelings.

Condolence Message For Memorial Day

Category: Poetry

A poem in support of Memorial Day

The Fallen

Category: Poetry

A tribute on Memorial Day, 2018

A Special Bond

Category: Poetry

And when that day comes and I’m laid to rest My friends will all offer goodbyes, The most special of which will be slow salutes From fellow veterans with tears in their eyes.

Keeping The Faith.....

Category: Personal Experiences

Perhaps more stories that speak to the goodness of the human condition will emerge, however small. Our grandchildren deserve to see them, as they would provide a much-needed counterpoint to the fractured society they are exposed to every day.