Wellness event with Warrior Strong

Category: Personal Experiences

A day for wellness. Yoga, breath work and nutrition for veterans.

In our own words

Category: Personal Experiences

Be the One.

From Mail to Mountain

Category: Books

The story of a 10th Mountain Division soldier's climb to glory.

Lunch with a friend

Category: Personal Experiences

I had lunch with a friend today and saw myself as I think she was seeing me.

Scarlet Guard American Legion color guard - 40 years of service

Category: Visual Arts

Wisconsin color guard celebrating 40 years of service.

The lost dog tag

Category: Personal Experiences

An Army veteran contacted our Legion post with a WWII dog tag he found, hoping to find the family he could give it to.

Vietnam ... through my lens

Category: Film / Documentary

A soldier's reflective, poignant journey as a combat photographer, through Vietnam and beyond. This presentation is adapted from a highly personal, sometimes lighthearted, always thought-provoking one-man play, written and performed by Stu Richel. His combat photos enhance his Vietnam experience stories in a visually stunning, non-gory, non-political and non-judgmental manner.

How we got started with The American Legion

Category: Personal Experiences

"If I have to go into the military, I want to be a Legionnaire someday so I can participate in things like this."

Toys for Tots event sponsored by Stoughton (Mass.) Post 89

Category: Personal Experiences

Description of Toys for Tots event.

Memories of Pearl Harbor: A Final Farewell

Category: Personal Experiences

I didn't know this truth about the Pearl Harbor bombing; this made it very personal for both my father and me.