101 Chuck YEAGER-isms: Wit & Wisdom from America’s Hero

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“First time I saw a jet…I shot it down.” Chuck YEAGER-ism #44 Read about his opinion on 9/11, NASA, combat, test-flying, life in general, dying, praying and more. There are actually 131 Chuck YEAGER-isms, some risqué, some great wisdom, some great fun and many a mixture of all three.

Flying Under the Radar; the Men, the Mission, and the Aircraft of the Department of State Air Wing, 1983-2013

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The story of a unclassified, but almost unknown Department of State aviation program that has operated in war zones and hostile areas for over 35 years; and all the while under the radar.

One of a kind

Category: Personal Experiences

Very first Legion national convention's memorabilia, from founder of Post 64.

A Soldier's Heart: The 3 Wars of Vietnam

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An innocent young man's life is interrupted and radically change by his assignment to a little-known unit called WDMET and its ghastly classified mission during the Vietnam War. In "A Soldier's Heart," the author takes us from a bucolic Acadian heritage and life in a loving family, through the horrors of war and its grim consequences, to the emotional reverberations that he and his family, like so many other veterans, experience for the next half-century.

Inside Manzano: The life of A Nuclear Special Weapons Storage Site

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Nuclear Bombs Maintenance and Storage

First Annual Hog Roast/Corn Boil

Category: Personal Experiences

A thank-you to all who support The American Legion and a membership drive all wrapped up into one event.

Vietnam Resurrected

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Greetings - I have attached my poem "Vietnam Resurrected" for your review. My husband was in the Vietnam War. Ten years after the war ended, the "Today" show decided to broadcast from there for one week. They talked about how beautiful the country was, etc. But not one mention about the soldiers who suffered there. So in one morning I wrote this poem.

Deadly SNAFU, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune N.C, and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii

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Another toxic water tragedy - first Camp Lejeune, N.C., now Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.

Combat To College

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The book that should be mandatory reading for student veterans.

Ever Faithful to the Call

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A hymn especially for Veterans Day 2022.