Keeping the Big Guns Firing

Category: Books

A story of men at war doing an unglamorous and sometimes dangerous job. The story of Vietnam you didn't know!

Spirit of Philadelphia: A 100th Anniversary of WWI Story

Category: Books

A story of honor and human resilience, a treasure chest historical novel, spanning Pennsylvania and Europe. House delivers a serious message without being heavy-handed; readers will receive the wisdom of elders, given with the right mix of humor & heart, sure to stand the test of time in the libraries of American homes.

Gridiron On The Great Lake

Category: Books

The 1918 Fort Ontario (Oswego,NY) Army Football Team

I am America

Category: Poetry

I lost my first child on the day I was born on April 19, 1775…I am America.

Carrying the Colors; An essay from the perspective of an African American Color Guard

Category: Personal Experiences

What an amazing experience it’s been so far. As a retired Air Force veteran, I now have the privilege of donning a uniform once again, to serve alongside some of the country’s best!! The Men & Women of the American Legion. My first opportunity to serve in this capacity was participating the Memorial Day parade.


Category: Books

Experiencing World Peace

‘Always doing work,’ proud first-generation American WWII veteran remembers

Category: Personal Experiences

Joining the Navy was a responsibility and honor for first-generation American WWII veteran, Simon Zayon.

"Rock Our Vets"

Category: Personal Experiences

Recognizing a worthwhile organization, which is currently servicing the immediate needs of our veterans.

Devastating three alarm fire destroys Joe Stickell American Legion in Waynesboro, PA

Category: Personal Experiences

Devastating fire destroys Joe Stickell American Legion in Waynesboro, PA

CRISIS IN BAGHDAD - Leadership in a Risk Adverse Environment

Category: Books

This true story, from an Iraqi veteran, is not only historical but also a primer on leadership, be it in a military or civilian setting, under extraordinary circumstances. It shows that one person can make a difference and how to lead a military or corporate organization in a dangerous arena.