SE4-EP162 Tango Alpha Lima: The “Generosity Culture” with entrepreneur April Shprintz

IN THE NEWS A new report released by the Department of the Navy raises concerns about SEALS candidates using performance-enhancing drugs to get through BUD/S. THIS WEEK'S GUEST Air Force veteran April Shprintz uses the principles of The Generosity Culture®, to take failing companies to profitability in less than six months, scale million-dollar international firms to 8 figures in a year and helps new start-ups begin closing $100K deals in less than a month. April talks about the importance of pouring resources back into the people who are part of a company, and shares insight about how the same concept can apply to recruiting new members to a non-profit organization. RAPID FIRE “Be The One” days launched June 1 Get new gear and get registered for 2023 Legacy Run Army Vet goes viral after he details his VA experience on social media SHOW NOTES

Tango Alpha Lima



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