SE5- EP212 Tango Alpha Lima: Air Force EOD veteran and endurance athlete Adam Popp

NEWS FROM LEGIONTOWN Remembrance of those who died - and survived - Pearl Harbor THE INTERVIEW In 2007, while serving as an Air Force EOD team leader in Afghanistan, Adam Popp was injured in a blast that resulted in an above-the-knee amputation of his right leg. During a decade of recovery and training, Adam has trained to become an elite athlete and a certified peer-mentor trainer who helps other amputees and individuals with disabilities to successfully pursue athletic and other personal goals. He joins the podcast to talk about his service, his recovery, and his search for a solemate. THE SCUTTLEBUTT The truth covered in sarcasm – exploring Redditors take on U.S. Army plans to restructure and slash force by 5% in preparation to fight future wars Send a Salami to your Boy in the Army - New York's Katz Delicatessen still fulfilling a their WWII-era tradition. SHOW NOTES

Tango Alpha Lima



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