SE5-EP199 Tango Alpha Lima: Veteran Help Point founder Michelle Lang

TROLL PATROL A call to women veterans: don't turn away - help turn things around. Stacy offers a lesson in creating change from the inside. ZERO CHAT THIRTY When Michelle Lang's husband separated from the Army and the family moved home to rural Pennsylvania, they faced medical, mental health and other challenges that put a strain on their marriage. Through the support of family and friends, they were able to get back on their feet. Yet, in the aftermath, Michelle discovered a wealth of resources that could have helped the couple weather the storm more easily...if only they'd know about them. Thus began Michelle's mission to connect rural veterans to valuable resources and support, in the form of her non-profit organization, Veteran Help Point. SCUTTLEBUTT Fighter Pilot, Harvard Student, 2024 Miss America Foo Fighters – The UFO’s of WWII Navy to name destroyer after WWII hero Charles French SHOW NOTES

Tango Alpha Lima



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