Category: Music


Saluting Liberty

Category: Poetry

For Evil slithers unprovoked, its memoirs masquerading in endless graves of tyranny, its victims promenanding Before the Throne of Justice like a thundering waterfall, while here—a bugler wails his taps in mournful protocol.

"Kaziah the Goat Woman"

Category: Film / Documentary

The film delves into Hancock’s life in polygamy and her escape to freedom, her accomplishments as an artist, and her experience with raising goats. To see Hancock’s paintings and learn more about her award-winning documentary.

"Warriors in the Night"

Category: Music

It was my honor to write “Warriors in the Night” about them and to let them know that there are still some Americans that appreciate what they do. These heroes are a "cut above" and America is blessed to have these unique warriors on our side! So to all the Special Operators, please enjoy my song dedicated to you and know that you will never be forgotten. I pray God’s richest blessings and protection on these warriors and their families.

"It's Written In The Earth"

Category: Poetry

It’s written in the earth, That sunshine follows rain. It’s written in the earth, That sorrow comes again, That wars will ever roam. It’s written in the earth, While far away from home.

"A Soldiers Mom"

Category: Poetry

I pray for your peace of mind,
Your steady aim,
For your intuition and senses to be keen.
I pray you find happiness in your heart
And kindness when you are far from home.