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The book's foreword-------I thought I had said everything I wanted to say, or more correctly had written everything I wanted to write, about my time in the service during World War II, when I finished "Growing Up and Then Some" for my family. However, my daughter Shaari, evidently fearful that her Dad would run out of something worthwhile to take up his rapidly depleteing useful allotted time (I'm now 87), suggested, that although I had written about it, the first book left her wanting to know more. Well, what kind of a father wouldn't respond to a request such as that.

Let's understand though--I'm no longer touting total recall, and further, I might even be given to a little exaggeration
now and then. I may even jump around a little on the sequences of events, but we'll put that down as literary license.

Distance and time do affect perspective.

I'll try not to let it distort.

--- --- --- ---

The author's recollections are supported by his personal records and memorabilia, including his Wartime Log which he carried on his march between prisoner of war camps.

About the author:

Born in Belle Center, Ohio. Springfield, Ohio High School Class of '42. In service '42 thru '45. 392nd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. P.O.W., Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. Class of '51. Resident of Costa Mesa, Ca. Retired.

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