40/8 Initiate American Legion Members

40/8 Lead Initiation Ceremony in Oceanside, California


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Stone Cold Statues - Memorial Day Tribute

My grandfather was a POW during World War II. For three years it was as if he was a stone cold statue in C. S. Lewis’s book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I wrote this song about his internment. Using my music and historical archived footage we did this video in memory of him and all the others who served.

Above and Beyond Bravery Award

Above and Beyond Bravery Award” Recipient, Colonel Spencer Wurst got his baptism of fire in Italy during the Battle of Arnone; the jump on D-Day and the liberation of Ste. Me're Eglise, a grueling month of combat in the hedgerows of Normandy, the battle with the German SS for the highway bridge at Nijmegen, Holland and survival in the Ardennes, in a long, bitter march toward the shoulder of the Bulge. A member of Frances Chevalier of the Legion of Honor for his part in the liberation of France.

iBOT Documentary with Gary Sinise

The American Legion approved a Resolution in 2009 supporting the efforts of America's Huey 091 Foundation (www.huey091foundation.org) in their support of veterans and their families. Gary Sinise introduces and narrates the life changing benefits of the iBOT to the quality of life of four handicapped veterans who have the benefit of a iBOT.

Pearl Harbor Christmas

Pearl Harbor Christmas

"Kaziah the Goat Woman"

The film delves into Hancock’s life in polygamy and her escape to freedom, her accomplishments as an artist, and her experience with raising goats. To see Hancock’s paintings and learn more about her award-winning documentary.