Submitted by: Larry McMillan

Category: Poetry

I dreamed a dream of you last night,
While in this foxhole, where I try to write
About the visions, I dreamed of you last night.
They helped me to fight
The terrors of the fright
As I see the white
Of the guns in the night,
And it gives me hope that I might
Still be alive at daylight.
That the visions will take flight
And not become reality in the light.
So each night
I keep you in sight
To help me want to make it through the night
So that I might
Return to you in the delight,
To tell you how you helped me reach a height,
That let me make it through the night.

About the author:

I am retired Navy and retired otherwise except for all the people who think I should still work on computers. I am 76 years old going on 13 or 3, I am not sure which. I have written 600 poems and one poetry book with approximately 400 poems called, My Ramblings: An adventure in poetry. I have also written The Electronic Thief, The Scarlet Widow, The Adventures of Billy Blue Jay, The End of Summer, and several short stories. I have recently graduated from the Long Ridge Writers Group

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