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Veterans Organizations

Despite American Legion-led inroads, a web of state laws continues to hold up smooth military-to-civilian career transitions.

Edward Saylor, a Legionnaire, participated in the legendary raid of Tokyo during a critical time in World War II. Only three other Raiders survive.

Seven men from a tiny New York community were claimed by the Vietnam War in 90 days.

Property leased to private businesses will be used once again to serve veterans.

Several new rule changes are included in the book, including clarification to dual participation.

American Battlefield Monuments Commission ending Floral Fund Program April 2; orders can still be placed for Memorial Day.

Workshop will take place during Washington Conference and is specifically designed for servicemembers, veterans and spouses who own their own businesses or are thinking about starting one.

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Which U.S. president did the drum corps from New Hampshire's Post 25 meet in 1929?


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