Our nation’s foundation: Families

What better way to recognize our families, the foundation of this nation, than during National Family Week, Nov. 19-25.
A devotion to country

A devotion to country

Denied military service due to his Japanese ancestry, Casey Kunimura spent a year in an internment camp before being called to serve in World War II.

Membership: There’s still time

Although May 10 was the 100 percent membership target date, you have until June 30 to maximize your recruiting efforts and meet the 100,000 goal.

Membership goal: 110 percent

I’m asking every Legionnaire to sign up just one new member, just one.

A new year for improved Legion awareness

One great way to kick of the New Year and meet your membership goal is to conduct an awareness Walk for Veterans.

Keep the membership thermometer rising

As your national commander, it is my goal and responsibility to continue encouraging you to help the membership thermometer rise to 100,000 new members for 2016-2017.