SE4-EP189 Tango Alpha Lima: Ms. International World Terace Garnier

IN THE NEWS American Legion National Commander: Task Force Movement: more than a job program THIS WEEK'S GUEST Newly crowned Ms. International World, Air Force veteran Terace Garnier has found the resilience to overcome obstacles including childhood rape, Military Sexual Trauma and homelessness. She found success as the first Pentagon correspondent for Newsy, an artist, a mentor and advocate for fellow veterans and now, an author with a new book “No Longer Silent” just released on Veterans Day. RAPID FIRE Soldiers Unpaid: National Guard Hasn't Paid Out Thousands of Enlistment Bonuses Seen UFOs as a government worker? The Pentagon wants to hear from you Watch Marines fire rocket from ‘creepy’ robot goat available on Amazon SHOW NOTES

Tango Alpha Lima



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