SE4-EP184 Tango Alpha Lima: Former Army White House Physician Dr. Jennifer Peña

IN THE NEWS 10 Military Habits and Hacks That Will Change Your Life THIS WEEK'S GUEST Dr. Jennifer Peña is a board-certified internal medicine physician, an Army combat veteran, a former physician in the White House Medical Unit, and an expert in digital and telehealth. She joins the podcast to share her experience serving as primary physician to the vice president under two administrations, and what it was like to return it to her home in Puerto Rico and become a leading voice in the advancement of telehealth care. RAPID FIRE Shaving the Sergeant Major of the Army? There’s an app for that. A veteran started a gun shop. When a struggling soldier asked him to store his firearms – he started saving lives. Army Colonel Enforces the Rules On and Off the Football Field SHOW NOTES

Tango Alpha Lima



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