The story of William Elliott's return from the service to his hometown

Odyssey Mine

Personal experience in the life of a PTSD Vietnam veteran. Written in far northeast Colorado (Armel) while walking barefoot in wheat fields, while ankle high and very green, on the day befor Easter 2017.

Veterans Day Homage

I wrote an homage and wonder if you received it.

Coming Home

Quick look at the difficulties at returning home.

Deployment Daze

How deployments impact both the deployer and their family.

Veterans day

Homage to Veterans

On 9/11 our Nation Dialed 9-1-1

On 9/11 our nation dialed 9-1-1. I was at work as the terrible sights were unfolding in New York and Pennsylvania. I had been given orders to close our state office. I had to wait until one employee returned and wrote this poem while I was waiting.

Our Flag

A patriotic and inspirational poem about the American flag

"Freedom and Liberty: The Price We Pay!"

The patriotic poem “Freedom And Liberty The Price We Pay” goes to the essence of our independence as a nation. It touches on the significance of what is freedom and liberty, how such is achieved, from whence it’s generated, ensuing cost, and pricess calculation!

Never Heroes

A poem in four stanzas that describes what it was like to live among WWII and Korean Conflict heroes for three years, and my ultimate take-away from that experience..