American Flag

A poem about the 9/11 attacks.

Service Through the Art of Sharing Stories

The entry of a creative writing piece of poetry in the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival pushes local poet and veteran Judith Roche's work to the national level, and affords the opportunity to connect with other veterans as well as creating a rewarding way to serve the community as a veteran.

Well-Worn Hats

An encounter I had with a veteran during the Christmas holidays.


A song to say stay to a friend

A Soldiers Past

It was a sad time of long ago The horrible memories of G.I. Joe At 19 I was drafted by my Uncle Sam I was trained and sent to that Asian land I remember leaving to go to Vietnam I looked through the window to my homeland I thought I would never return home alive I didn’t think I would ever survive

A Woman Veteran's Day

This is a poem about the experiences in the life of a woman veteran

He Guards The Unknown Soldier

I wrote this poem in June 2010, after retirement, I was on a civilian assignment in Washington D.C. I visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and I was inspired to write this poem.


Honoring WW II Veterans


Life is being a warrior continuing the fight no matter the odds


And though Patton led our brave warriors to win that great war Many suffered the ultimate loss without notice or count from afar