“There is nothing much better than connecting with others and letting them know that you care. We learned of members who were in poor health, needed assistance with VA benefits, wanted to attend meetings but had no means of transportation, and were home bound and lonely and could use a visit/camaraderie.”

Connecticut American Legion Post 101 Public Affairs Director Sherri Marquis


“It’s really important to find out if they have any needs, how they’re doing. They’ve always been important, but it feels a bit more important now.”

Roxbury, N.C., Post 138 Chaplain Chris Talley


“My main goal in all of my calls is to ensure them that if they need assistance in any way … that we are out there for them and for their needs. If we can provide the service, I’m going to do that.”

Linglestown, Pa., Post 272 member Leroy Lippi Jr., who conducted more than 430 Buddy Check calls in the month following the pandemic’s declaration


“I thought that some of these guys or girls are going to get to a point where they can’t leave home. What should we do to make sure – especially if they don’t have family – that we’re taking care of them? We want to make sure they have food. (Doing) something as easy as going to the pharmacy picking up meds for them, just so they don’t have to come out in the middle of this.”

Two Harbors, Minn., Legionnaire Jennifer Havlick on her post’s “enhanced Buddy Check program” to connect with veterans in the community during the pandemic


“This is the time for all of us to pull together and serve our fellow Legionnaires and others in our community as we deal with this current crisis.”

Rathdrum, Idaho, American Legion Post 154 member Len Crosby, on his post’s Buddy Check program


“We’re making sure we’re checking in with our most vulnerable veterans, and trying to make sure they’re OK. Now, more than ever, due to social distancing, we want to make sure that our more vulnerable veterans aren’t being left too alone. We need to make sure they’re doing well both mentally and physically.”

Weehawken, N.J., Post 18 member Chris Page, on the critical importance of Buddy Checks during the pandemic


“Our veterans and their spouses are very appreciative knowing that someone cares about their well-being and needs. It is, after all, why we, as an organization, exist.”

Tullhoma American Legion Post 43 Commander Alan Harris on efforts working with Boy Scouts and ROTC to perform Buddy Checks in their community