Task Force Movement: more than a job program

All stakeholders – including The American Legion – have a responsibility to close labor gaps because understaffed hospitals, idled trucks and online vulnerabilities do not simply represent economic inconvenience; they threaten our national security.
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Our gravest threat since World War II

Acts of terror, escalation of conflict in the Middle East, and other threats jeopardize the safety and security of servicemembers, veterans and all Americans. 
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Sacrifice, valor and Semper Fi

Oct. 23 marks the 40th anniversary of the First Battalion, 8th Marines Headquarters building terrorist attack in Beirut. 
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The American Legion changes and saves lives

National Commander Daniel J. Seehafer addresses members of the National Executive Committee about VA’s upcoming National Buddy Check Week, PACT Act claims, Legion’s new BASE program and more.
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A call to support our Battle Buddies

American Legion members are encouraged to join the effort to engage with other veterans during VA’s first National Buddy Check Week.
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