Membership strength will lead us into our second century

Membership tools available to help with recruiting and retaining.
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What the GI Bill did to change perceptions

For the past year, the American Legion 100th Anniversary Observance Committee has taken a multimedia exhibit, “The Greatest Legislation: An American Legion Centennial Salute to the GI Bill,” to locations around the country, where veterans of all ages have shared their feelings about the GI Bill.
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Summer is filled with American Legion post-sponsored youth champions

In 2017, 65,484 youth came together to form 3,638 Legion Baseball teams; 19,119 youth participated in 49 Boys State programs.
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TFA helps families in times of great need

The American Legion helped Ivan Redhorn, a U.S. Army combat veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, his wife, Shavonne, and their six children recover from a house fire.
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The impending death of sequestration

After a half-decade of flatlined budgets, continuing resolutions and bipartisan neglect, our nation’s military is finally getting the boost it deserves.
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