America: A Treasure in the World

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The United States of America is a treasure that merits the continued defense of Americanism and support of those who have served her.

Bleeding Spirits

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Mr. Jewell was drafted into the Vietnam war as a teen. The horrors and complexities of war impacted him throughout his life, and through therapy he began to explore the realities of PTSD and what his experiences meant to him. "Bleeding Spirits" is his testament to his journey both through his time in Vietnam and the search for peace following it. This very raw and intimate look into his time as a combat soldier is inspirational and moving. It's also a love story. You see, Mr. Jewell passed away before the publication of this book, and his family and close friend took up the cause to ensure that his story be told. This is a gift to all of us.

Dr. Robert Gjertson

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Mounted troops

Deadly SNAFU, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.

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A thoroughly researched investigative journey, George Swimmer’s non-fiction “Deadly S.N.A.F.U., Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.” deserves your attention.

"Freedom and Liberty: The Price We Pay!"

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The patriotic poem “Freedom And Liberty The Price We Pay” goes to the essence of our independence as a nation. It touches on the significance of what is freedom and liberty, how such is achieved, from whence it’s generated, ensuing cost, and pricess calculation!

Remember Me (The Fallen Soldier)

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What does a fallen soldier want?

Fourth of July: Chas P. Rowe American Legion Post 30 Pomona

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4th of July celebration

On Being Great Again, A Surgeon, A Soldier, A Family Man, Jack J. Caleca MD

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Dr. Caleca was a surgeon soldier during World War II in the South Pacific. There he had a camera; he had the chemicals and he told his story with the photographs he produced. The book contains 39 of his restored wartime photographs. The book also includes a short history of the US Army Medical Services branch in the South Pacific during the war.

Memories Never Die

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Well-Received New Vietnam Vet Thriller

Why I joined The American Legion

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We Need Patriotism in this Country