Target Area: A Leo Rossi Novel

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From #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and Veteran Lawrence Colby! In the latest full-octane thriller from #1 Amazon bestselling author and former military pilot Lawrence Colby, Special Agent Leo Rossi organizes the greatest manhunt Washington has ever seen to locate one of the Pentagon's highest ranking generals that has suddenly disappeared.

A Quiet Witness

Category: Personal Experiences

He died alone.

Wives matter. Girlfriends do too.

Category: Personal Experiences

I don't know what they do these days, but to receive a letter meant everything. Sorry, but I would smell it for perfume. What a wimp! My wife of now almost 39 years would send me letters and perfume and cassettes. The cassettes were of horrible quality but I would listen to them, just to hear her voice. To receive a letter meant everything. If you did not receive one it was a gut punch.

My Uncle Down the Hall

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Here is a song about and written for veterans; thanks for listening ....

Damn the Valley

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"A riveting, unsparing, gritty, firsthand account of life in a great airborne unit that engaged in some of the toughest fighting in Afghanistan, in "the Arghandab," a district whose name became a metaphor for brutal close combat against tenacious enemies. Damn the Valley captures vividly the intense dynamics and relationships in the brotherhood of the close fight in the toughest imaginable conditions - and also the extraordinary reliance of paratroopers on their airborne buddies on their left and right and their leaders. A great read!" Gen. David Petraeus, former commander of the surge in Iraq, U.S. Central Command and NATO/U.S. forces in Afghanistan; former director of the CIA; and co-author of "Conflict: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine." “Sobering, powerful, factual; this is a must-read first-person story which brilliantly and empathically illuminates the facets of a soldier’s life during combat in one of Afghanistan’s toughest districts. This is a rare glimpse into the realities real American heroes face to pay for our freedom. As the Fury commander there, for 24 months, I understand we asked soldiers to sacrifice on our behalf with ill-defined goals. Thus the book quote resonated with me, that the only way to win was to 'continually do [sic] the right thing in the face of everything that screams to you that it wasn’t worth it to stay on the path of the righteous.' They served with honor!" Brian Mennes. major general (ret)., former deputy commander, 18th Airborne Corps, U.S. Army “Yeske provides a riveting account of the brutality and unforgiving nature of direct combat from the paratroopers who had to deal with it in one of the most dangerous and contentious areas and times of the Afghan War. He also clearly articulates the interpersonal nature of small unit combat, and his writing makes the reader feel as if they are there, on patrol, or under fire with him and his buddies. I recommend this book to any small unit leader to understand what combat is about and to any leader in general to understand what our troops at the tactical level must endure during extended combat.” John Wayne Troxell, SEAC (Ret), USA, 3rd Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman, JCS, and author of "Surrender or Die! Reflections of a Combat Leader."

My Brother (A Soldier's Poem)

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A soldier's story of love and loss.

American Legion Post 11 Riders score a couple of home runs for Hi-Line

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American Legion Chapter 11 Riders are building membership and gaining community support as time goes on.

Mac: The Wind Beneath My Wings

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A compelling tale about a remarkable man. It grips the reader with his strength of character and fascinating career in World War II as one of the first young men trained to fly the B-24 Liberator and then the B-29 Superfortress. Shot down on his first combat mission from Guadalcanal and just his second mission, his survival story is extraordinary. He then flew 80 more missions before the end of the war. He served 30 years in the Army Air Corps and USAF, including Air Attache in Indochina and NATO in France. His career spanned World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Finding Bomb Boogie: A Daughter's Search to Rediscover Her Father - the World War II Bomber Boy, Prisoner of War, and American Veteran

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Ever wonder what your father did in World War II?

God's hands

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God shining his light on our fallen.